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Report on Putzmeister at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018 READ MORE

#PMKnows Concrete Solutions

Report on Putzmeister at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018

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Top view of Putzmeister stall at the start of bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018

Putzmeister celebrated 60 years of being a worldwide leading solution provider for pumping, mixing and placing concrete, mortar and industrial solids at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018 held from 11th to 14th December in Gurgaon/Delhi. The company’s stall was buzzing with visitors engaged in a range of activities.


Product Launches

Putzmeister announced 3 product launches at the show.

Batching Plant: The new MT – 0.5 with a capacity of 30 m3/hr comes equipped with a robust twin-shaft mixer and an efficient inclined belt conveyor which is used to weight as well as transfer aggregates. With the addition of this variant, Putzmeister offers the widest range of mixing options to customers.

The new MT 0.5 with inclined belt conveyor and twin-shaft mixer

Plastering Machines: Putzmeister bolstered its range of mortar solutions for customers with the addition of the new MP 20 EV and the SP 11 TMR.

The compact and powerful MP 20 EV has been designed to handle all types of power outlets i.e. single phase and three phase power. This makes it suitable to a wider range of plastering applications.

 The new MP 20 EV can handle single phase and three phase power

The SP 11 TMR, equipped with an extremely powerful 4-cylyinder engine, is suitable for a very wide range of conventional plastering and special applications.

The new SP 11 TMR is suitable for a range of special applications

New Technology

In the coming year, Putzmeister will introduce advanced fleet management technology to its range of stationary concrete pumps and truck-mounted boom pumps. Customers were given a preview to Putzmeister Machine Cockpit. Once introduced customers can get real time information on the status of pumps at the jobsite, critical status alerts, remote diagnosis capability to identify faults and implement appropriate measures, key figures for delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption, alerts when machines are on the move and reminders for maintenance.

Putzmeister Machine Cockpit for improved fleet management capabilities

Successful Demos on Mechanising Plastering

Putzmeister had live demos at the stall to show customers the difference in mechanized and traditional plastering. The demo area was divided into two sections: one section had one man working with the MP 25 and the other section had two men using manual methods. Putzmeister was able to successfully show that machine plastering can be done very quickly and efficiently, and help customers meet project completion timelines.

Live demos successfully demonstrated how mechanizing plastering helps save time and improves final output

Simulator Training in Shotcreting

Putzmeister uses advanced simulator based training to help shotcrete equipment operators master concrete spraying in tunnelling and underground mining applications. Visitors were able to experience this training for the SPM 500 Wetkret at the stall.

Simulator based training helps equipment operators improve efficiency, safety and effectiveness

The Legendary Elephant Nights

No Putzmeister event is complete without the legendary Elephant Nights. This year was no different. Customers were entertained with a live band and folk dancing, many of them joined the team in the festivities.

 Mr. Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director of Putzmeister India, kicking off Elephant Night at the stall

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